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Aha...okay To Use With Differin?

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I just bought Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Face Lotion, which has Vitamins C, and D as well as AHA. I'm currently on a topical regimen of Duac in the mornings and Differin in the evenings. The system is working I believe, but I'm looking to speed up the process of my red marks (I still have a few pustules and several whiteheads left, most is just red marks. I also have a fair skin, with a reddish complexion in my cheeks...and nose especially).

I know AHA is beneficial for fading marks and evening skin tone, but is it going to be too harsh with my regimen? Has anyone used this moisterizer? I didn't ask my derm about it, but I was curious to try it. Although, now I'm scared because I don't want to further irritate my face. I tested a bit on my hand to see what it felt like. I like the consistency, but MAN this stuff is potent (smells good nonetheless).

When could I use this? Mornings or evenings? Or both? It also has SPF 15 in it. I guess I just want to know if this is a safe thing to add into my regimen. I currently just wash with a gentle Cetaphil cleanser and usually use a gel-based moisterizer (or the Cetaphil Lotion if I'm really dry). Or should I just avoid this product altogether?

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it!! I want a more even skin tone and to fade marks, but I don't want to irritate my skin and cause more acne/redness!

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