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Need To Kill This Habit

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After 7 years i'd say this is one of the few problems I have left I can relate to my acne. Nobody I know has gone through this so I thought i'd make a log here. I've never posted on this site but i've used it for reference many times and i've come across some extremely helpful posts. Maybe mine will also give hope to someone once i've succeeded.

I think this is the first picture i've taken of myself in 4 years. My phone's camera isn't the best. My acne is a lot more inflamed than it looks here but this seems a good representation of what my acne's like on a good day.


Day 1 - late afternoon

I woke up without touching or picking. I slept on my side with my head facing the ceiling and my arms under the pillow, which was more comfortable than I imagined. I think it helped.

The times i've been to the loo i've glanced down to avoid the mirrors. There's a massive one that practically IS one of the walls. It's my mum's house so there's nothing I can do about that. I did glace at the smaller mirror once but didn't pick.

I touched a small spot around my mouth at lunch but stopped myself going further.

I've been playing the Xbox for a good few hours to occupy my hands and take my mind of my skin. This worked wonders. Thank you, Grand Theft Auto.

Last time I went for a drink I picked at a small, dry spot near my ear but nothing else.

If i keep this up hopefully i'll see improvements soon =)

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i'm wondering, are u using make up (like foundation,etc) on your daily basis??

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