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Can Someone Explain What Stress Hormone Causes Breakouts? (Pls Bonus)

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So im breaking out again, yeah im clueless as to why. I thought i could power through before, just by being on a strict diet. Yeah so i did

everything, don't want to go into cause it's long and complex. Just rest assured i've tried it.

Anyway i am on a diet now and yes i've been on it for a long time, yes i've seen good results. Lately however i've realized the acne horizons are broader and are unbelievably, a bigger, better, more complex pain in my bottom! (ass).

So im not eating gluten, dairy, fats ( only from seafood and coconut milk, peanut butter in small amounts, doesn't bother me anymore i feel great but my face doesn't agree!) processed foods, meats, beans, rice bla bla bla bla. I have actually grown to like this diet. What i aimed to achieve on this diet was to just eat foods which i was sure were safe. Then gradually rebuild. Before you ask i get all the nutrition i need.

So instead i decided to try eating fruit as this fine gentleman suggested:

so yeah, it worked. Just like the LCHF diet and the others. I got completely clear on this one though. Problem is it didn't last.

So now im back again, i blamed my breakout on the high fructose fruit ( that was low gi). I thought to myself, i've eaten all this sweet fruit and i must have gradually built up an insulin resistance like before. I think we all know thats bullshit. So i didn't even care i was just gonna live my life whatever. But everything has changed now, i can't help but care what this girl thinks, she is so fucking perfect and im really into her after taking her on a date. I looked at it from an outside perspective and yes, i didn't look fine.

It's not a disaster since my training has given me a good boday.

Its not masturbation.

I've isolated these things which could cause problems, please elaborate:

Stress ( im a firm believer)

sleep deprivation ( not to a large extent)

insulin resistance (nope)

peanut butter ( seems unlikely)

Bananas ( heard something about seratonin)

accutane ( im on my 3rd month)

Exercise!- i train a lot, and i always rinse of the sweat. But i always seem to breakout afterwards.

swimming perhaps

I don't have much of a fucking clue, it's probably because of stress, it's a vicious cycle however. I can't stop being stressed can someone please explain the biology behind it.

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If we were all insulin-resistant, then wouldn't we all be fat?

''I'm not clever, but I figure if I ask all the questions, somebody else might have all the answers'' - Quote, Me!

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