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I Feel Like This Could Be Amazing. Turmeric Facial

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I have just discovered turmeric, it is a commonly used spice in the Indian culture. In today’s world, turmeric is highly regarded as one of the universe’s most healthy spices. It’s antibiotic and anti-inflammatory, and with daily ingestion, it treats and prevents scads and scads of ailments – like many different types of cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, diabetes … and acne.

It’s also very softening for the skin, it reduces swelling (and puffiness!), and it’s great at diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

The Benefits are...

- removing unwanted facial hair

- brightening your locks

- Improves Dark Circles undereyes

- Fades Scars

-Improves Acne

- Improve Texture and gives skin a glow! and more!

Here you can read more about the amazing spice Turmeric ::

Sounds amazing doesn't it??

I did try it although I'm recovering from a horrible cyst breakout from fish oil.

It did feel amazing on my skin, red spots seemed to have faded and I whoa! I had a glow=) my skin is usually pretty dull and ruddy looking

What I used:

- 1 heaping tablespoon Wheat Flour ( it is recommended to use Gram Flour, but can subsitute for wheat instead) I dont know if i would of used Gram if it would of made a difference or not.

+ 1 Tsp of Turmeric Powder =))

1 Tbsp Olive Oil ( Recommended Almond Oil) I was excited to do this facial so just used what I had at the moment

Under a Tablespoon Raw organic unfiltered Honey

and I added Cream until the mixture was thick or u can use milk

So mix all that together and apply to face for 20 mins thats all i did, and I cant wait to try it again with all the recommended ingredients that is!!

I found this video on youtube which helped a lot too!

How to get clear skin, remove acne, and dark circles

Click it!!

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