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Similar To The Regimen, Without Important Step?

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I just recently joined this site and started reading about the Regimen and it surprised me to find out that i've been following these same steps without the moisturizing step. I've actually been going to an esthetician where I was given a gentle exfoliating cleanser and some benzoyl peroxide paste. The difference with this regimen is you're not supposed to use moisturizer. The point is to exfoliate the skin, apply benzoyl peroxide overnight and let your skin dry. I have bi-weekly appointments with my esthetician for "natural peeling" (they use a small tool to gently peel and brush off all the dead skin)

This method has worked for me for almost a year and I can honestly say my skin has been very clear for a while now, eventhough I do get an occasional pimple here and there. (maybe twice a month) This method works extremely well with getting rid of scars and red marks fast. It always gives me hope when I do get a bump, because I know I can easily get rid of it. They even do extractions if you have live stubborn acne that wont go away.

After reading a lot of posts on this site I notice that moisturizing is definitely something everyone emphasizes. My question is, is there something terribly wrong with not moisturizing while using BP? As I said, i've been following my esthetician's regimen for a while with no real issues and since my skin is very oily I don't really have the extra dry/flaky red skin issue.

Any advice or comments are welcomed.


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I'd say, since you have no real issues with your current regimen, and it has worked for you for almost a year: why change it? Even though moisturizing is considered an important step (a well-hydrated skin heals better), different things work for different people. Maybe discuss it with your esthetician, if you're in doubt. Congrats on being clear! :)

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