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Hyperthyroidism And Oily Skin - Supplements To Help

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I'm a 25 year old male who's suffered from very oily skin since I was 14. I've tried everything under the sun to help combat this, you name it I've tried it. I've been using OCEight since I was 18 and this is the only product which has had any impact in positively combatting my oiliness. I'm 100% convinced the problem is internal and recently I've been doing a lot of research into overactive thyroid problems, or hyperthyroidism. It seems I have a lot of the symptoms, oily skin being one of them, and I'm making an appointment next week with my GP to have my thyroid levels checked. In the meantime, I've been reading up on natural supplements people with hypothyroidism take to help combat this problem.

The above website provides a vast list of various vitamins and minerals you can take but I'm very wary of taking all those listed as it seems an awful lot. So to those who suffer from hyperthyroidism, what supplements would you recommend I take to help? I'm slightly confused with whether or not I should take iodine? Or is that something those who suffer from hypothyroidism take?

Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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How did this turn out? I too have had oily skin since puberty that has resisted pretty much everything. I also exhibit symptoms of hyperthyroidism. I have a crazy fast metabolism - I couldn't get fat if I tried lol and I must eat constantly in order to maintain my preferred weight, I am always hot - I wear shorts in the winter, have no problems shoveling snow in gym shorts and a long sleeve shirt, and people have told me my skin is hot to the touch.

I can't imagine though that I could have had hyperthyroidism since I was 13, and still be as healthy as I am. I'm curious to hear if anything shows up.

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i just saw your posts. I recently had my thyroid levels checked and they came back eleveated. I too have really oily skin and breakouts. Is there a connection? did the treatments help?


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