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The Truth Behind Masturbation And Acne!

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After reading hundreds of posts with people debating about whether if masturbation causes acne or not ive decided to share this info which will hopefully put an end to this and to some peoples acne...

First of all: no MASTURBATION DOES NOT CAUSE ACNE IN EVERYBODY, in fact, its a minority I believe which is affected by masturbation, if you started masturbating around the time you started getting acne its highly probable masturbation causes acne in your case, if you notice your skin gets worse a couple days after masturbating, then its probable masturbating may be an issue (of course if you masturbate daily or every 2 days you cant know if your skin gets worse after mb) So what to do? if the above is true for you, stop masturbating, in 2 weeks your skin should have less pimples, red marks should be less noticeable and skin should be less oily with consistent improvement the following weeks, if by 2 weeks (1 month at most) you notice no improvement masturbate all you want.

Tips to stop masturbation:

-Install Blue Coat K9 web protection in your pc, write a password you dont know, and porn sites will be blocked on your pc

-Do cardiovascular exercise

-Dont touch yourself unecessarily

By the way sex is the same as masturbation, but of course we aint giving sex up for clear skin, so as long as you dont masturbate you can have sex up to 3 or 4 times per month with no problem, as long as you take 1 week in between.

Thank you

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