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Constantly Dry, Scaly Skin On Nose

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Hi guys, I'm hoping to get some advice on a skin issue I've had for a couple of years. I don't think this is necessarily the right board, but I think some of the symptoms are similar to rosacea, so hopefully someone may have some advice!

I've had a problem with the skin on the bridge of my nose peeling constantly, ever since trying Retin-A 0.1% to combat blackheads all over my cheeks and nose.

The skin on the bridge and one side of my nose seems to be stuck in a cycle of constantly thickening and peeling. I have really oily skin and lots of blackheads. As the skin dries out and thickens, I seem to get a 'dot-to-dot effect where all these deep creases start appearing in-between all the pores. it looks awful!

The weird thing is the skin the sin doesn't peel by itself. After about a week, I literally have to dig some tweezers into the dry skin and start pulling it off in sheets. The skin underneath seems perfectly healthy and is normally slightly pink, but not raw at all. It will look fairly normal for a couple of days before it starts drying out again.

At the moment I've just started using Daktarin cream, in case it is a fungal infection. I can intensively moisturize my whole face at night, and in the morning I'll still have a oily residue everywhere on my face apart from the just seems to suck up all the moisture but will still dry out. I've also had 6 sessions of microdermabrasion, and the skin always reverts to this state.

Has anyone had a similar problem or advice?

Much appreciated!

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