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Accutane Log 17/f

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Ugh. I MISS MY SUPER CLEAR SKIN GUYS. Whilst on holiday I accidently slept in my makeup. Which mind you, I have never ever done before!! And I was fine.

My skin felt super resilient, I felt as if nothing would make it break out. I would touch my face with my hands (normally a big no-no), used fake tanner on it and everything! I missssss it. Whilst being off accutane I stopped using cetaphil moisturiser as it felt too heavy. I was and currently am still using Help Me by Philosophy at night, which is a retinol cream, Avene thermal water as a toner and Embryolisse moisturiser in the day.

Also, since my recent breakouts I must confess I am taking 10g of Accutane a day as I still had 9 pills leftover. So, yeah... 9 days of the tane and I'll see how that goes. I was desperate okay :( hahaha

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