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Hot/cold Therapy. Speeds Up Acne Scar Healing!

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Hey guys,

I think I've found an effective way to speed up the process of fading blemishes and red/dark marks. Ever tried hot/cold therapy?

Basically it involves alternating hot and cold temperatures, typically used on swelling of sorts, but I do it on my face. Only instead of ice I just used cold water.

What I do is every morning before I go out and a couple hours before bed, I would first wash my face with warm water(use a cleanser if you want). Do this for a 30 seconds or so, then immediately start washing your face with cold water. Again do this for 30 seconds and then again switch to warm water. Your skin begins to have a rubbery feel to it. After the 30 seconds of warm water, finish of again with cold water. Then apply moisturizer(i use a cheap brand, but it contains aloe vera, which is good i hear). Try to massage your face while you're applying the moisturizer.

That's my two cents!

Hope it helps!

P.S. Just a little sidenote. I know there are many acne products on the market, but having used quite a few, you might become a little disheartened at trying any new products, especially when they never work. Which is why i've switched to natural, more holistic methods!

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Great to hear I will try it tonight and tommorow morning

But actually i dont think it works how much difference you saw by yourself with the hot/cold therapy method ?

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