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My Moderate (Cystic Acne) Regimen

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Good Day All,

I am a 27 year old male who has been sufferring from acne (cystic as well) since I was 14.

I just saw my dermatologist 3 days ago.

My current skin regimen that was recommended to for me is:


Glycolic Salicylic 5/2 Treatment Pads (Salicylic Acid 2%)

BenzEFoam Ultra 9.8% Topical Foam

CeraVue Moisturizer

Supplements (1x Day)

Zinc 30mg

Vitamin A 10,000IU

Vitamin E 400 400IU

Copper 2mg

Selenium 200mcg


Differin Gel .3%

Glycolic Acid 10% Face Wash

Supplement (1x Day)

Niacin 500mg

Antibiotic (1x Day)

Doryx 150mg

I just started this regimen 2 days ago, I have not used the Differin yet

My question is,

First, what do you think about my regimen?

How do I apply the Differin? The amount? (Pea sized?)

How often? (every night? every other night?).

And how do I avoid the dreaded initial breakout?, and if not, should I muster up the courage and start using the Differin?


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Hey it sounds like a good regimen to me. foor the differin, i use 1 pea sized amount for my entire face. when i first started using it, my derm old me i was using too much because my face was red like a tomato no joke lol. soo yeah eversince ive ajusted, its gotten better. ive been on my regimen for about 1month adn a half now. similar to yours. i take minocycline and differin as well as sulfacet r. my face did get worse at the beginning but its just your skin getting used to what your applying onto it. kjust be patient. for me is only been a month and a half and i see a big difference. mind you im not 100 % clear but im getting there. good luck man

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Do you wear sunscreen? If you're going outside at all, you need to wear sunscreen because all of those medicines make your skin sensitive to the sun. A lot of people like the Cerave AM if you already like Cerave. :)

28 years young female nutrition ninja

blah blah acne forever. let's kick it in the nutz, accutane.

Barlean's omega 3-6-9 swirl, probiotics, Thorne liver support, vitamin D

Started Claravis May 16, 2012

Month 1: 40 mg

Month 2: 60 mg

Month 3: 60 mg

Month 4: 60 mg

Month 5: 60 mg

Ending October 18, 2012

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Wow. Your derm has you on a lot of stuff! But I take Niacin and it works awesome! I barely get pimples anymore and I never had an initial breakout from it, but my acne wasn't bad at all, so that could be a reason. Good luck! I'm sure you'll have clear, beautiful skin in no time!

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