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Redness/pih Tanning And Fading Gtfi

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Hello people. Long story short had somwhat bad acne, went on accutane and had some pretty bad breakouts (or what poeple call initial breakout) but in the end of the course i was clear but then suffered from red marks on my cheeks mostly where my acne breakouts were the worst.

I finished accutane in June last year so it's almost been a year, a long year haha, and i still have these marks, If i would explain them i would say that its quite few red marks, most is somewhat pink colored around where the acne was at it's worst. It has improved over the months but it's kinda hard to know because of the mindfucking the different mirrors and lighting does to you, and i know alot of you can relate to that. Some lighting it's pretty much invisible if i don't go very close and some lightings shows my red marks alot more, so annoying lol.

Anyway, only thing i need to get straight before i go insane is if my pih will go away, now i have read that pih can stay for like 3 months to 2 years. so I just need a reinsurance that this will go away and my skin color will be even again.

Summer is soon up and I now know that sun is bad for the marks, which sucks because I love the sun and staying outside during that time, but whatever. However one year ago I didn't know this and i was outside alot, got burned once, did this contribute to slow healing of the red marks? I live in norway but should I still use a high spf on my marks will make the fading faster? And how do you red marks sufferers feel abot the sun? smile.png

I can relate to alot of you guys, and I know how disheartning this shit is.

Thx <3 preciate it

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