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How I Got Over My Shyness And Acne Stress

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First off i want to tell my story,

I was an active kid all my life, and still am, just more grown. I was always sweating and being so young with a baby face you never worry about the monster they call acne. I was in the basketball,football,volleyball and track team for my school, sports was always my thing. Even though acne never affected the way i played or how i excelled in the sports, it was always a barrier to overcome, there were always pictures to be taken for the school newspaper and for the city newspaper also all the times i would get hit in the face and i just wanted to scream and cry cus that was such a painfull place to get hit, and if one of your cyst popped all the blood , it was disgusting.

Nevertheless i learned my lesson, for some reason back then , either acne was not so popular or i just went blind when those PRO-Activ comercials came on tv, i remmember wanting to hide under the couch or the chair everytime those commercials came on and i was with a friend or with my girlfriend. It was just soooo damn embarrasing. And just like you, i did my research and spent hundreds of dollars on products that never delivered what i wanted. Then i found this website together with some product my girlfriends grandma reccomended, she has always been the asian medicinal type, not taking products made in a lab, instead taking products given to us by earth to benefit us. So here is what i used to get over my acne problems, this worked for me, and also for my girlfriend. She had less acne then me by the way, but for some reason i cleared up way faster then her, i dont know, go figure lol.

My Regimen;

I want to say thanks to Dan for making this awsome website even though i dont usually write here cus i was always too shy or afraid, i read alot alot and did research, so i bought Dan's Regimen, it worked wonders, even though i cheated a little bit once in a while i did not have time to go through all the process, i still managed to feel so clean all the time, and little by little i got less and less blemishes. So make sure to get Dan's regimen!!!!!!

Nutrition- I know they say what you eat is all myth blah blah it does not affect you, im sorry but thats BS!!!! I dont know how many times i ate chocolate and a week later i had a look alike pimple to iron mans helmet. NOT KIDDING!! You must eat healthy, your body treats you how you treat IT!! So i started using this supplement called AKEA . Its amazing!!! i learned about it through my GFs grandma, man not only did that help me clear up but i felt my skin shedding like a not that graphic but i felt my skin so new almost like my body was releasing the old one away!! Not only that but i felt so much more active when i drank this product, not an energy boost like Red bull or monster, because you crash with them later on, but just i felt much brighter lol and much more excited about doing things, almost like my body had a new life, heres the link if you want to check them out by the way , trust me if you order these products you wont regret it...

And last, i used the PMD microdermabrasion, its an awsome machine i got it off the shop nbc for like 100 bucks, yes i know its expensive but trust me when i tell you it works the hell out of that dermis for that price, i was so relieved knowing i had not wasted my money on yet another product. Very very excited about it and very happy to have gotten it, i had seen a couple of videos on it on youtube and read reviews and i was not that convinced because not everyone works the same, but apparently thats also a myth, it was awsome!!! Mind you, microdermabrasion sessions cost way more than 100 bucks per, so your definetly getting a bang for your buck, not including the gas you have to pay for to get to them ;) ..

Well this is my story, if you need any help on anything let me know. Thank you!!

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