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Regimen Not Working (Have Been On It For 2 Years +)

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I've had moderate acne for 5+ years and have been using the regimen for the last 2 years. The regimen of cleanse, BP, moisturize has helped my skin stay somewhat under control, but I have serious breakouts a few times a month (usually with 1-3 big inflamed cysts).

The last year I added AHA+ which has helped smooth my skin, but I haven't REALLY noticed any other profound effect. I've started seriously cleaning out my diet to see what foods might trigger outbreaks (eating only clean meats, complex carbs, and super nutritious vegetable shakes with kale, spinach). This helped my skin get noticeably clearer for a week, but since then it's gotten back to normal (so I'm not sure if it was the diet or just a lucky break). I also work out regularly and have a great sleep schedule and take a zinc supplement before bed.

I'm wondering what else I can do, has the regimen failed me and I should go see a dermatologist about this? Of the prescribed anti-acne drugs, Retin-A seems to have the most tolerable side affects. My acne for the most part is still usually 4-5 small whiteheads with occassional 2-3 inflamed cysts every month. It's usually on my nose, around my mouth, jawline, but never on my forehead or neck.

Any help or advice is appreciated.

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Chin and jawline acne is hormonal. The best natural hormonal supplements for acne I have used are vitamin D-3 and vitamin E. Both regulate hormones. Do you ever notice your acne gets better if you spend a lot of time in the sun? This is because your body is making several thousand units of vitamin D-3 a day from the sunlight.


Vitamin D-3 at least 10,000 IU a day. Softgel form (your body won't absorb D from a tablet).

Vitamin E. 400-800 IU a day. Get NATURAL form. Your body can't absorb the synthetic form very well.




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