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Karla Santini

White Or Lighter Tiny Scars On Forehead?

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hey guys, well im wondering what is going up with these white-ish scars that are starting to get more noticable.

It all started off with a burn i got on my forehead from using toothpaste, (this was like 5- 6 months ago) i used cocoa butter and the burn went away and left an unnoticeable mark.

Now im getting more spots on my forehead, i go tanning because i thought that would help cover it up. But the marks dont tan! Im really nervous cuz i dont want it to be viltigo or however you spell it because theres no real cure for that.

My scars look some what like this :

a tad less noticeable tho, i mean i have this one thats sorta noticeable, and then like 5 other really tiny ones on my forehead as well.

What should i do? im gonna make an app. to the dermotologist but id rather not go if theres some other treatment i can use.


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