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Bumps (Closed Comedones) Treated With Glycolic Acid?

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So, I had very minor closed comedones and went to the derm and he perscribed me Differin/Clindaclyn Phosphate/Doxy. It has been 13 weeks and it may have been the WORST MISTAKE of my LIFE.

damnit.. my skin is so much worse and i stuck it through 12 weeks but BIG MISTAKE again.. now, i have large bumps and millons more hard small bumps.. so depressing!!

anyways, i stopped using differin because there really hasnt been any improvement at all...

I hear glycolic acid is great at smoothing skin out and wanted to run by you.. i dont have any real inflammed acne.. maybe occasionaly zits.. but my face is covered with bumps.. large, small, mini..

Also, i was left with a horendous amount of PIH..

anyways, do you think glycolic acid will help with this.. i'm done with retinoids as this seriously made my skin so much worse.

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Differin and other retinoids take months to see results. Your skin will get worse before it gets better. You also need to moisturize constantly while on Differin so that your skin has enough moisture to heal.




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