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Glycolic Acid Recommendation For Closed Comedones

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Hi, I'm a new member to the whole thing. But I have visited forums as a non-member. Anyways I heard that glycolic acid can reduce red marks AND closed comedones. I have a real problem with those nasty things. I don't have a TON, but mine NEVER EVER GO AWAY! It's frustrating. Anyways I was wondering which product out of these should I choose. By the way I'm 15.

Choice number 1:

Choice number 2:

Choice number 3:

Yeah it would really help if you guys could recommend one, maybe that you have already tried.

Also if you know a good one that's not on the list please say so, it just has to be available in stores..

Thank you SOOOO much! surprised.gifteehee.gifrolleyes.gif

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I really like Paula's choice 2% bha gel. It's fragrance and paraben free. I got it for closed comedones that were underneath the skin and it is slowly bringing them to the surface as it sloughs off the top layer of skin. An added bonus is it has removed 90% of my red acne marks! It will take time, just like any other bha or aha.


Made from earth Green Tea detox cleanser

Made from earth rosehip and hibiscus serum (as a moisturizer)


Dairy-free( due to lactose intolerance),Gluten-free,Low GI


Tri-sprintec (started 12/2/2012)

Amnesteem(started 1/13/2012)

Month 1- 40mg

Month 2-TBD

Month 3-TBD

Month 4-TBD

Month 5-TBD

Vitamins and supplements

Vitamin B-complex,Vitamin C,Vitamin D, Omega 3-6-9, Chlorophyll,Biotin,Fiberteq

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