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Vits To Get My Hormones In Order

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Hello everyone,

I'm a new poster to the forum but have been lurking for several months and I love reading the holistic section of the forum and have tried a few suggestions with regard to vitamins.

Just a tiny bit of background info as i'm hoping someone can make a suggestion of the next possible step. Anyway i'm 24 years old and i've been off the Yasmin contraceptive pill for nearly 2 years, since then i've broken out in acne on my chin mainly but also my forehead.

I've had some 'ok' periods in this time when my skin was moderately clear but i've also had some break-outs, one of those being right now which is why i'm desperately searching for something that may help me along the way with this horrible battle. I've been referred to the derma twice now, I have to say they've been pretty useless (i'm in the UK) the second time around I was ready and willing to give Roaccutane a go but actually before I took the first tablet decided to do one last bit of research and I scared myself by reading the side effects, that's when I decided to try the holistic route, it's not been easy but I was starting to see an improvement and then this week all of a sudden I feel like i'm back to square one.

I feel as thought the docs and derma's dont want to hear what i have to say, i've tried to get hormone testing but they say it's not hormone related, I believe coming off Yasmin has greatly increased my acne but I wont rule out certain foods. I have already cut out any bread of my diet and have been doing so for the last year nearly - it's worked and I do notice a slight increase in spots if I do eat bread so I find it's best not to eat it, although I do allow myself a treat once or twice a month.

I am currently taking just 2 vitamins Zinc and Vitamin D3, I've seen a small improvement, certainly with vit d3 I saw an improvement within a week of taking this vitamin but my skin just seems to have gone back to how it was before (i've been on vit d3 for 2-3 months now) but have only been adding zinc in for say 2 months.

I was wondering since my acne could be hormone related is there a vitamin that I could take to help get my hormones back in sync? I was under the impression that i'd have this acne for 6 or so months after coming off birth control but it seems nearly 2 years after stopping I still have this acne.

I could deal with the acne at the begining but the past month it's begining to get me down and I feel like I dont want to leave my house without make up on, I also feel that the docs/derm dont seem to want to help me anymore, all they do is prescribe me with BP which dries my skin and leaves big red blotches.

I understand that there is no 'miracle cure' but would love for someone to advise me on the next steps with regards to the holistic method, or even if you're in the same situation as me it would be lovely to hear from you.

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There's actually a thread on the nutrition and holistic board that has really good information on hormones and acne.Here's the link:

Just click on the underlined link that says "hormone balance." It has really good tips on what to take to help hormonal acne. I know you said that you were tested and told it was not hormone related, and this post also explains why your hormones may still be affecting your skin. Just give it a look, it has been SO helpful to me. Good luck!

(It might go directly to the post when you click on the link).

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