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Sarahlee123 Regimen And Adult Cystic Acne

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hello everyone!

heres my story smile.png

please be patient and read the entire post if you have a similar condition...

i have been half way through my third year of college when my acne just went from really mild and unnoticeable to horrible cystic acne flare ups that ate my face, especially my chin area and jawline to cheeks. i couldn't but help looking in the mirror and cry; i had lost my confidence. my skin was gone and i was breaking out gradually and endlessly for 8 months, from September 2011 to April 2012. thats when i found my HG treatment!

My perpetual breakouts story:

-i had been using 10% BP for a year with gorgeous skin, then started developing around the mouth hyper-pigmentation in September 2011,severe dryness and flakiness right before i broke out terribly. i rarely ever saw a cyst on my face, ever!

-i had only used the BP without any other moisturizer or sunscreen, and i only applied it at night time after washing with any random soap bar; that's all that went on my face that year.

-my adult acne literally appeared after i got in trouble with the court system in October 2011, stress played a BIG role as well.

-winter weather dried out my face; afraid sunscreen and moisturizer would break me out so i didn't apply at all.

-i then started using natural remedies to cure the dryness and discoloration; honey, acv, almond oil, tea tree, and aloe vera, washing with soap before and after, estimating 6 washes per day around October 2011.

-i was still using liquid makeup throughout the year, removing with harsh soaps and sometimes almond oil, which clogged my pores. i woke up with new acne. i also used the worst tool: a facial brush. i scrubbed off the makeup vigorously in the shower.

-i used to wash my face with hot water, and in the shower too, id keep my face under for a while, which eventually cooked my skin.

-to this point i was still applying the BP at night. i then realized id give my skin a break in January 2012, after i finished abusing my face. it was so aggravated, my skin went out of control.

-i stopped washing my face, since even water dried out my face so badly, and i heard that soap bars were bad for the skin's natural oils, and applied natural moisturizer from Burts Bees, which clogged my pores as well.

-i then gave a visit to my doctor in February 2012, whom lowered my BP dosage to 5%. it helped a little by doing less irritation.but my acne was still not manageable.

-i then started a new regimen for March 2012: i started taking Doxycycline 100 mg twice a day, as my doctor prescribed, in the morning id wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser and apply a little cetaphil moisturizer. at night id wash again and apply BP, wait til dried then slightly dab on the moisturizer. it started to decrease my breakouts, and my dryness and discoloration was resolved. but the moisturizer was clogging my pores, making my face so greasy. i couldnt stop applying because the dryness and flakiness would come back. the Doxy relieved my cystic acne, the antibiotics in it reduced the swelling dramatically in 2 weeks, i was left with horrible scarring and normal pimples everywhere. i avoided applying anything else, not even natural remedies. i wanted my face to breath a bit.

-then i started reading about success stories on boards. i saw how even my stubborn adult acne could be treated. during April 2012, i ordered my regimen kit. i needed a good moisturizer to switch from the cetaphil id been using and to decrease my BP from 5% to 2.5%, as Dan claims that it works just as effectively but with less irritation. BOOM! my skin began to show results, heres what i did in April: i excluded everything i had been doing earlier and just followed the regimen precisely, except id skip the BP in the morning because my face is sensitive. no sunscreen, i just avoided the sun, it could clog my pores. i continued to take the Doxy and my face stopped breaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its almost May 2012 and im almost clear.

-my face has been flaky but im still happy that it's working better than my prescription BP. sometimes id switch out the regimen moisturizer at night and use Dan's AHA, knowing the next morning i wouldnt go out.


ill keep you updated and ill be posting photos pretty soon of the before and after....after my scarring is reduced. this is my 2nd week on the regimen along the Doxy and my results are worth noting. i gained my confidence again, thanks Dan!

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