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1 Week After Done Accutane

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Hey all

Ive finished my 6 month long accutane course 1 week ago, Accutane didnt make me fully clear, but almost, i Had a few pimples left+ the side effects of accutane. But now after 1 week of done accutane ive got 2 new pimples the last 2 days, im getting confused, should I be worrried about getting acne back? please give me answer

Thanks :)

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It's possible your acne could come back. Some people's does come back, some does but they have less severe acne, some stay clear entirely. My acne came back, but that might not be the case for you. Anyways, when I finished my accutane course (a year and a few months ago) my skin wasn't quite clear, but continued to clear up over the first month after stopping. It continued to stay clearer than ever for about 6 months.

Bottom line is, I wouldn't be surprised if your acne clears up more in the next few weeks. As far as permanently, there's really no way to tell. Sometimes accutane is a permanent solution, sometimes it's not, it's really different for everyone.

my regimen:


wash face+chest+back with UMF 16+ manuka honey

tone with chamomile lavender tea


home made grey kaolin clay, manuka honey & tea tree oil mask for 30+ minutes

spot treat with 50/50 jojoba and tea tree oil

avoiding dairy, soy, high sodium, refined sugars, processed foods since September 2011. more recently peanuts, gluten and citrus as well.

I am 90-95% clear, and still improving.

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