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Aloe Vera And Aspirin Mask Eliminates Redness.

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Hey guys!

So I thought I would just share my technique for getting rid of facial redness..

Every three days I make a face mask out of 4 aspirin. If you haven't heard of the aspirin mask all you need to do is take 4-5 aspirin and add a few drops of water and wait until they have absorbed enough water that you are able to crush them easily. A lot of people just apply it like this but I find that after 10 minutes or so it starts flaking off my face so I always add a pump of Aloe Vera. Make sure that the Aloe Vera is unscented and uncolored though, otherwise it may cause a break out.

I find that by letting this mixture sit for 15-30 minutes or so my face always looks extremely bright and most of my redness has disappeared (:

Oh, I also occasionally put some sort of clay or mud mask over the aspirin and aloe vera. My skin always feels amazing afterwards. I just don't do it all the time because I'm lazy haha :PP

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