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Aloe Vera, Has Anyone Tried It Or Is Using It?

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Has anyone tried it?

I just applied Aloe Vera gel on my skin, and im feeling pretty good to tell you the truth.

I find that if i don't do physical activity i get oily skin. Im thinking its because im doing something physical, I'm out in the sun, or (which you may think is weird but) my breathing, im actually taking in more oxygen into my body.

If i am home the whole day i notice oily skin the most i tell ya, so it's a factor of those three things which reduce it.

Though I found this,

Im going to make a whole heap of it tomorrow and see how it goes, but i thought to see what the aloe vera gel is like on my skin which i lightly massaged into my face, neck, behind ears, back and chest - it's actually quite great.

I hope a lot of other people try this and tell me what they think as i have faith in it that it will work. If it does then for most people then awesome if not then aloe vera gel is the way to go.

One other thing, can you eat raw aloe vera gel from the plant? Like just say scraping it out/and with all types of aloe vera(is there only one type of aloe vera plant, i don't want to be eating anything toxic).

I hope this has helped and please respond guys and gals.

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I like aloe vera a lot although I've never heard of using it for oily skin... I just usually use it in a combination with an aspirin mask. I always thought that it was nourishing and helped eliminate some of the redness my skin has. But I mean, I think everyone can find a use for it! (:

Glad to hear it's working for you!

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