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Do I Need To Start All Over If I Missed My Regimen For A Week?

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I just run out of facial cleanser. I'm also on a different regimen now, knowing that my face is full of scars and red marks and pimples just come around a day or two. I bought a new facial cleanser, it's Dessert Essence Tea Tree Therapy Bar, as an alternative to my Alba Botanica Acnedote Facial Cleanser. My question is, do i need to act as if this is my day 1 of the regimen or can i proceed to using aha. 2 Weeks ago, i ended up with a total of a month or more of the regimen. Unfortunately, there have been times in the regimen where i skipped washing my face during the evening. I believe that i should be old enough to remind myself that i need to be diligent with my regimen now.



Cleanse - Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil Therapy Bar




Cleanse - Dessert Essence Tea Tree Oil Therapy Bar


Additional - Aha after i complete a month of the regimen

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