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Does Epiduo Work?

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I have been using Epiduo every night for about 2 months and my face still is not clear.

Opinions? Suggestions? Experiences? Anything? Haha every comment is appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

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Im sorry to hear that. Ive been using it for exactly a week now and my skin is 95% better already! Although i only had clogged pores and not so much acne break outs. but i tried everything and nothing worked so i saw a dermatologist. It took a couple of days for me to figure out my routine.

  • Wash at night with Cetaphil face wash, DO NOT USE A WASH CLOTH! I found that rubbing the skin when washing made it more irritated the next morning. I also let my face air dry.

  • i put a pea sized dot on my forehead, each cheek, chin and neck and rub in. (avoiding anywhere near the eyes)

  • wait about and hour and apply cetaphil moisturizer all over face and neck

  • in the morning wash with cetaphil again, air dry and apply lotion

  • i carry my lotion with me and reapply throughout the day cause of dryness

    now, there were a couple of things i had to learn trial and error.

    • do not use a towel to wash or dry, i dont know if it was the fabric softner or rubbing of the skin but after i stopped, my face no longer was red and swollen

    • day 1 and 2 were no side effects

    • day 3 and 4 were the WORST!! it looked like i had a rash all over my face and neck!!

    • day 5 and 6 were better. just EXTREME dryness! i mean my face was so dry that it looked burned. dark brown spots over the driest parts!!

    • day 7 was better...WAY BETTER!!

    i hope that it works for you, i have severly sensitive skin and this is the only thing that has worked for me. DONT GIVE UP!!

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Hmm...I was on Epiduo for quite some time. I believe it might have helped in the beginning...but after awhile it wasn't effective. I found that straight up benzoyl peroxide (although harder to get used to) is way more consistent and helpful.

I hope you find something that works for you!

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