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Honey/aloe/neem/tea Tree...cleansing Advice?

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So I have given up on BP and Dan's cleanser, and most cleansers for that matter (they make my face wayyyy too dry. Same goes for the BP). So I decided to switch to all-natural products, namely tea tree for starter's. I was attracted to the idea of treating my acne with an oil, something that won't (or shouldn't) dry out my face. So far since starting this routine I haven't had any major problems with acne (I've always had at least a few active pimples) or dryness. Mostly my problem right now is some REALLY bad hyperpigmentation (I think). I have quite a few spots on my cheeks that look almost purple.

Anyway, I figured out (from a few sources) that sunflower and safflower oils are the only completely non-comedogenic oils I've ever heard of (google comedogenic ratings, they both have 0s), so I've used those to apply the tea tree oil. I also learned of neem oil, and (besides the smell) haven't had any problems adding that into my regimen, so those two are my treatments. I apply them onto a cottonball with a dropper and dab at my acne spots.

And lately, what seems to really be helping as a aloe vera gel. I never thought to use it, but it's the only non-pore-clogging moisturizer that I've found, and I've had a lot of issues with slimey, sticky moisturizers that don't do what they are intended for. Aloe cools down my face and decreases redness, even though it may seem a little sticky at first (it firms up and seems to form a protective barrier for my skin).

Now for the hard part...the cleanser. Keep in mind the only decent oils I've found for my face are sunflower and safflower (as well as neem and tea tree of course). Now look at any natural or non-natural "moisturizing" cleanser. They use shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil...really anything but sunflower or safflower oils. I haven't found a single soap that doesn't dry my face out.

However, I just started a honey face mask/honey cleansing thing today as I was reading about cleansing without soap. I used raw honey and now my face feels like it's glowing. My nose and general T-zone area feels very...tight and clean and exfoliated. I used it in the shower as a gentle cleanser (there were sugar crystals so it was sort of a scrub), then I applied it again and left it on for 30 minutes. I also added in some neem and tea tree oil.

I'm also ordering some rose water I plan on trying later.

Anyways, I didn't see any other post about natural products like these on the face, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice, especially on the cleanser. I definitely want to continue the masks (and hopefully try a bentonite mask one day), but I'm not sure if cleansing with honey is the right thing for my acne. Is there anyone with a similar experience with dry skin who found a cleanser that didn't break them out or dry them out?

Also what do you think of this regimen? Is it too many products? Not enough? Not in the right order? (I just started the honey cleansing/mask today. I cleanse, possible mask, oil treatment, aloe vera moisturizer) And how often should I do the mask? Once or twice a week? Every other day?

Thoughts? Ideas? Negative experiences with the above products? Any and all would be appreciated.

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Hey, I have been using honey to cleanse my face for a few months now. It really is great. Doesn't make my skin all dry and flaky. I've used Manuka, raw, and just plain old honey. I think they all work equally well to clean, but for honey masks i prefer the Manuka. It helps fade the marks faster. I use oils as well. I use sea buckthorn oil. It's supposed to be great for getting rid of redness. It's too early to see how well it's working. It's only been 3 days. But so far it's better than any oils I've used before. Your regimen sounds good. Just keep your face as clean as possible. I know easier said than done. And i agree. No soap! That is too harsh for the face. I'm with you on the natural remedies 100% =)

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