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Back On Yasmin And This Time My Acne's Not Going Away...

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After reading through these forums for months, I thought I should finally ask for some direct advice!

When I was 18, I did a short round of Accutane to get my acne under control. At the same time, I was prescribed the birth control pill Orthocept. The combination of the two sorted out my acne problem completely... I went from feeling like a monster to receiving compliments on my skin. After 7 years on Orthocept, I had to switch pills due to reasons unrelated to acne. My doctor put me on Yasmin, stating that it could be even better than Orthocept. He was right! I had no initial breakout and my skin remained clear and soft!

Fast forward to March 2011... I decided that, in my late twenties, I wanted to try being hormone-free after being on Yasmin for 2 years. SO I stopped.

My skin's texture changed after about 4 months off of the pill, and in September 2011, I started breaking out on my face worse than ever before. I was so upset... So in October 2011, I went back on Orthocept. No luck - my acne became cystic.

So in January 2012, I went back on Yasmin. I am now 2 weeks into my fourth pack of Yasmin and my acne is showing no signs of going away. Just as pimples begin to settle, new ones appear. I have active spots on my face that have been there since January.

I just don't know what to do.

Will Yasmin work again? Should I give it more time? Should I look for a new solution?

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Yasmin's acne fighting ingredient is spironolactone. Yasmin only contains about a 25mg dose.

Just go on straight spironolactone. Most women need 50 - 100 mg to clear.




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