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Redness And Bloating On My Cheeks And Forehead! Is This Normal?

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Hi, I'm worried!

I've been on Accutane for 2 weeks. I started with 20mg/day, and after 10 days I increased the dose to 40mg, as my dermatologist recommended.

Some common side effects started to show up: back pain, dry lips, eyes and nose and a slightly dry skin.

A few days ago I noticed some redness on my cheeks, forehead, chin and nose (nowhere else on my face). This redness almost goes away when I'm laid down, and comes back when I sit or stand up. I didn't worry that much by then.

Then today I noticed that the areas that are reddish are also a little bit bloated; My left cheek is particularly puffier.

So I pressed and held my finger onto my forhead and it left a dent for a few seconds, as if my face was retaining water.

There's no itching, pain or burn sensation, but the red and bloated areas feel warmer and pulsating a little.

I don't think no new acne is trying to break out because there's no pain.

I haven't had any other side effects.

Oh and I use a gel sunscreen, SPF 30 everytime I go out, and drink 70 to 90 ounces of water every day.

Has anyone had this problem on accutane? You think it's an allergic reaction?

I'm worried it might be serious and that I might have to stop taking it!

Help plzz

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Hi Juvianna,

I think maybe you should contact your derm if you haven't already. Redness is a common side effect; facial swelling (especially around the eyes) seems less common but does appear on lists of possible side effects. So don't panic but do contact your derm. Good luck with the 'tane.

Finished 40mg Accutane/day, 7-month course on 28 Feb 2012


  • wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser
  • moisturize with cetaphil daily moisturizer
  • apply high SPF sunblock


[*]wash with cetaphil gentle cleanser

[*]differin gel, wait a while and then

[*]moisturize with cetaphil daily moisturizer

drink LOTS of water, eat at least 7 serves of fruit and veg everyday, lots of nuts and fish and just say no to processed/junk foods

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Hey thanks, I was able to get an appointment with my derm. She said it's all normal, so I'll keep going with the treatment. Yaay! tongue.png

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