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So... Why Don't Girls Have Bacne?

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Yeh my theory is if you don't get a worse breakout than usual or sensitivity to the product, its probably just doing its job of cleaning your skin but nothing more. Do you have the Neutrogena grapefruit products over there? I like the face wash but I haven't tried the moisturiser.

Yes I mean soccer, but we call it football. Your kind of football is most similar to rugby here. But they don't wear any protection.

Yes, its London 2012! The torch is currently on the relay around the UK.

We have Neutrogena everything here in the US. I can't get over how many products i've tried. I have an event to go to next month. As soon as the event is over i'll probably start Dan's regime.

Your version of football is laughable, the ball goes back and forth ALL DAY!!! it's almost like watching a volleyball game....except they use their feet, and if the ball hits the doesnt matter. :P

I'm A girl and I have gross body acne... your not alone confused.gif

Omg have i really been gone for like a whole week? Time flies i swear! I hate that you have to suffer with the rest of us. It seems to have become a part of my life at this point. I seem to get hot easily and have a really sweaty chest and back from playing sports and often from just laying around in 85+ degree weather. My breakouts are on the parts of my chest/back that sweat the most. Do you happen to have the same issue?

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