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It's My Turn

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I've been reading posts for about 7 is the day I start my log, so I can keep track of progress. I will add photos later.

I began breaking out on my cheeks when I was almost 19, now I'm 20. Then, I was avoidant of social situations and only came out at night. Now, am still self-conscious, but I will get things done. Slowly gaining back confidence and slowly beginning to like what I see in the mirror.

I have gone through a lot of routines, using tips I've read.


2 times a day alternate between Neutrogena Naturals face wash and scrub

Witch Hazel as a toner

Garnier Moisturizer

Clean and Clear spot treatment and popped pimple relief paste

Almay concealer and cover up

There were results, but they weren't as evident after a month.


Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask by Neutrogena (3.5% BP)

Oxy Clinical Clearing Treatment (5%)

Cetaphil Moisturizer

Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

I saw improvement about every 3 days, some days felt clearer than others.


Oxy face wash (10%)

Oxy spot vanishing treatment (10%)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (AHA)

L'Oreal True Match Naturale concealer and powder

Green Tea

Aloe Vera Gel as primer

I knew this wasn't the smartest skin adjusted two weeks later. After a month, cheeks were better, I still had spots on my jawline and neck.

I have a popping problem, I have scars, I have PIH.


Cetaphil Cleanser, A gentle scrub occasionaly, Persagel occasionally, Cetaphil Moisturizer.

Way simpler. What I have been sticking to. I have been introducing Pore Refining Toner and Healthy Skin Face Lotion for AHA and BHA qualities.

I did a round of 35% Glycolic Peels although I'm not completely clear. I am doing round two.

After round two, I want to use the Level 6 and 9 Green Cream...

Another day, I'll go over diet & other issues.

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This post is going to be random thoughts. I was looking at my picture from November and one from now. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference by looking at the pictures...but I know there is a difference. I want to put them up. I'm on my phone, so I don't know if I can upload them from it.

I have never been to a dermatologist, I probably should go. I have no insurance and I'm pretty poor, by that I mean poverty-level, at least I have an apartment and things to get by each month.

I think I want to do a TCA Cross, so I should also find someone for that. I also think I need prevention and I think the regimen is good for that. My face will clear up faster since I feel "milder".

I feel like I spend way too much time worrying about my skin. Treatment costs a lot, I need to get a fund going. I also self-diagnose myself and think I need therapy. I should take a good scar picture, so I can get help identifying them.

Right now I take a multivitamin. I don't do much with my diet. I avoid milk, I think I have an allergy to it because my throat and ear itches, but it may have been coffee. I guess an allergy test would be nice. I also think when I had very little sugar, that was good.

Scarring is a genetic thing, my dad and older sister have their faces full of scars. I think I may end up with less.I have products hoarded for my next "idea": green cream, fish oil, a fiber prebiotic, st. john's wort, a glycolic pumpkin mask, cinnamon capsules, collagen capsules (I hear they're, it's a peace of mind thing), and roc retinol. I really like the moisturizer and toner I currently use.

I use physician's formula mineral powder, but I ordered ColorTration because I liked its coverage. It's been a month and it never came, so I wrote them an e-mail.

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Thank you!

I got on a birth's called Camila. One of the side effects is that's not good! I want to try Yaz in the future. My daughter has an appointment on the 19th, so I think I'll head over to the walk-in clinic that day and see if they'll test me for food intolerances, hormonal imbalance, and parasites. I am a believer that acne must be healed from the inside too.

Last time I mentioned St. John's Wort, that's because of how I have been feeling down and think I have a social anxiety. My mental health clinic doesn't do psychological evaluations...I'd have to travel elsewhere. But, I'm finally looking into talking to someone about things.

I saw a post with someone saying they had parasites and that made me curious.

I had my hair thinning out and fallling out. Not now.

But I always have an itchy scalp by the nape and I itch in my ear, throat, and sides of my nose.

I have been looking into buying Clarkia.

Some items I have to help: Prebiotic, Garlic Capsules, and Turmeric Capsules.

I like the idea of using jojoba because of its many purpouses...*random thought*.

I was drinking detox tea...not sure if it made a difference, I like the flavor.

That ran out and I began drinking Dandelion Root tea. Dislike the flavor.

I'm not sure if either one made a difference. I still want to stop drinking coffee. It's like my addiction. I still shop using ideas from the nutrition thread. I find eating healthy cheaper.

I started saw palmetto a few weeks ago...I had clearer skin at first, now I don't think there's a big difference. I blotted my skin to touch up my makeup and had no oil though. After the dandelion tea ran out, I added milk thistle to my supplements. I'm iffy on that too.

I ran out of my spot treatment and ended up using ScarZone Acne Cream with Green was helpful. It's in my maybe pile. I ran out of it and I used my Glyolic Pumpkin Mask as a spot treatment at night. It was okay.

Collagen, Zinc, Pan-Acid, and Omaga-3 are what I have, I'll start using them after I run out of saw palmetto, milk thistle, and my multivitamin.

I am going to buy the regimin bp and aha to use while taking them.

Colortration was ok, but now the color is too light for summer and I got some drugstore brands. I am looking into something more high-end. But, for now it's just browsing. I have been watching youtube videos to see how other girls hide their blemishes. I'm learning a few things.

That's all I can think of for now. I finally took the pictures of my cheeks. The flash made the marks look more raging. In my mirror, I don't think it's as intense. Oh and I see I needed to rotate them. Oh well.

Don't criticize! I'm just saying that because sometimes I read replies that are critical.





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