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Really Frustrated-Exercise Related?

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Hi, I was on here a few months ago writing about a post Accutane acne flare up. It then seemed to go away. Now it looks like it's back again and I'm really upset. I wash my face regularly with Acne Free (generic of proactive) but there are still three noticable pimples on the right side of my face that refuse to go away. I just started a low carb diet and exercising almost every day recently, so I'm wondering if that is causing it? If so, what should I do? I really need to loose weight but dealing with red bumps on my face is distressing. Please help.

Also, increasing my face washing has only made my skin really dry-it hasn't helped with the acne.

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Hey, dont know if you're still checking this post but i'll give it a try anyway

Let me just say that i tried the low carb diet. Even though my acne did clear to an extent, i still had spots due to hormones and other factors i will explain. Please bear with me, i would have hated to read this whilst on my high fat diet only a couple of months ago.

A high fat diet will ultimately cause more problems in you life, as it did in my case. Here are a list of things that an EXCESS in fat will cause/ contribute to:

Fat adds bile for hormone production

Fat allows toxins to enter the body through the digestive tract as fat is a large molecule, meaning the membrane needs to expand, other chemicals are filtered through as well.

Fat slows mineral transportation

But most importantly, fat causes insulin resistance when paired with any other sweet food, such as fruit.

Fat essentially stops your cells from absorbing sugar in your blood in excess amounts. This means that you cannot have any starchy or sweet foods when on a high fat diet at all or you will risk blood sugar swings which ultimately cause acne.

Fat is not easy to digest

your diet should not consist of more than 10% fat!

Here is everything you need to know about fruit and diet. To gain access you need to give your name and email for conformation.

I used bp everyday, it's too hard on your skin just use moisturizer trust me. Make sure it's non matifying and fragrance free.

Don't use any harsh cleansers it's too rough!

Remember to wipe of the sweat straight after exercise!

I don't know much about stress but it was a huge factor for me, it could easily be the culprit to your small spot problem! I can't go deeper in to this topic as i know nothing about it!

hope you beat it buddy

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