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We Really Need To Get This Figured Out!

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Unfortunatly i have to wait a few months to start Accutane. I have a moderate case of acne with alot of red marks from old acne. My skin is sensitive because i get the marks from pimples even if i dont pick at them. Ive been on the regimen before but i stopped using it and went to antibiotics because i heard that bp can make red marks worse. I understand that the best solution for pih is preventing acne but the thought of bp making my marks worse or making them last longer sucks. It seems this topic isnt adressed enough on this website. and that bothers me because this website's regimen is based on the use of bp. Id love to get back on the regimen because it really works! Id just like to know im not doing any harm to my red marks or my skin. If you are reading this and you have any input at all, please leave a comment. if we all talk on these posts rather that just reading them, we can help eachother and ourselfs so much more. after all this is a community. Lets shed some light on this.

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