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Minocycline + Klaron + Epiduo Log

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Hello, everyone. I am a 25 year old female who has suffered with moderate to severe acne since she was 11. I am creating this log to keep track of my progress and help others. Hope you find it useful. smile.png

My acne history: I had perfect skin until I was 11. It seemed like overnight, my face had huge pimples. I kept waiting to just "grow out of it" but it just got worse. I tried avoiding chocolate and greasy foods. I tried every single over-the-counter products available. I washed my face impulsively. In high school, it started to calm down slightly and I learned how to hide it with makeup. Throughout middle school and high school, I was shy and withdrawn, and I think acne was one of the main causes of my lack of confidence. In college, I gave up on over-the-counter acne products altogether. I went through waves of having pretty good skin (for me) to horrible skin (worse than in high school). After a brief stint on birth control pills, my acne changed from a lot of small-medium sized bumps, to large, painful cysts concentrated on my chin, cheeks, and neck. In the past two years or so, my acne has gotten worse again, but unlike when I was younger, my skin cannot "bounce back" from a break-out. My skin is ruddy, uneven, scarred, and I have a lot of red spots, which look pretty bad on a very pale face.

The visit to the doctor (late Dec 2011): This isn't my first rodeo. I've went to a derm before, and I just really didn't care for him. He gave me tetracycline, which did basically nothing. After graduating college and moving to a new state, I decided I needed to try a new dermatologist, the best one that I could find. He prescribed minocycline, telling me that it will probably help me unlike the tetracyline. After reading the horror stories on this site about antibiotics, I was scared and didn't think it would work, anyways. He also gave me Klaron, a topical antiobiotic. I thought it would probably burn and dry out my face like many other acne products did. I did not have high hopes for either medications, but I decided to trust my doctor and give them a try. After years of low self-confidence due to acne, I had reached a place where I thought I was beautiful no matter what, but I wanted to really get rid of the acne to enhance that natural beauty and stop the damage to my skin. I think not stressing about it and keeping an open mind really helped.

The first two weeks of Mino + Klaron: Klaron didn't burn or dry out my skin. It just made it smooth and soft. Mino made me nauseous and dizzy, but I stuck it out, and after two weeks, the dizziness went away and the naseousness stopped when I started taking it with food. I could already tell a difference in my skin. I was still breaking out, but not as badly.

3 months of Mino + Klaron (where I am now): No more side effects. Mino + Klaron has basicially gotten rid of my bad acne. I have never had such smooth skin. I still get breakouts, but no where nearly as bad. I feel fine walking to places without makeup, and if I do wear makeup it takes a lot less time to put it on. And honestly, diet changes/face wash changes or changing anything really didn't make a difference in my acne... ever. But especially not now. My skin is pretty stable. These products are working and I've never been happier about my skin!!

However, my skin still needs some work. My derm thinks Epiduo is the last piece of the puzzle. My pores are still blocked (blackheads, whiteheads) and my red marks are still there (and the mino made some of the new ones even darker and uglier). I have used it for one day so far, and it did not burn or irritate my face, unlike a lot of people on here (although it may the more I use it). I do not know if I'll have an initial breakout since I'm on antibiotics. We'll see how I fare. That's what this log is for.

Well, pics to come soon. I'll try to find a pic of me without makeup before antibiotics, although there isn't many, and post of pic of me now.

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