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My Cure For Acne And Acne Scars!

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Hi guys!

For years I've also been suffering from terrible acne. Every day I would breakout and so I know how awful it is! But now, I have clear and baby smooth skin! Anyway, my cure?

Yogurt! Yes! yogurt is a probiotic and although I'm not too sure about the clinical effects of it, I do know that it contains good bacteria that counterbalances the bad bacteria in your stomach. I know some people might be skeptical about this but your stomach might be the root cause of your acne!

So people, a serving of all natural yogurt after every meal and you will see a difference! also Yakult! Yakult is also a probiotic that contain live good bacteria! Though you shouldn't drink it too often. Maybe after breakfast and before bed, like me. Some people claim they've had severe diarrhea after drinking 3 of them straight!

If you're allergic to dairy, there are probiotic supplements you can take and there are other natural foods that contain probiotics.

Also, sweet potato is really good for the skin! Eat moderately and your skin will start to heal itself!

Let me know how things come along for you guys, and best of luck!

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omg yakult is so good!!!!!! I used to drink that in mexico!! so hard to find in the states!

didnt know it was good for acne tho :X

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