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What's Worked For Me - Pretty Simple Actually

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Hi everybody!

I have trolled the nutrition/holistic boards for years and I told myself that if I ever got clear I would post what worked for me.

Well, I'm almost 100% clear (I have 2 tiny little pimples brought on by getting sick that will probably be gone in a day or two) and I think what worked for me could defnitely work for others.

A little background: My acne peaked for about a year and a half with me regularly getting cysts on my cheek/jawline and having a generally bumpy forehead and tons of blackheads on my nose/cheeks.

What worked:

Diet Change:

I've had digestive problems my whole life, and I FINALLY got my allergy results stating I was allergic to eggs and dairy (not gluten surprisingly enough). So my first step was eliminating those triggers and my inflammation went down a lot and I literally have not had a cyst since. I would reccomend getting allergy tested or just cutting out eggs and dairy (and gluten if you think you might be sensitive as well) in general for anybody. Also, I eat probably about 70-80% plants (cooked or raw, fruits or veggies) for my diet and then the rest is oil (I love olive oil hehe), fish, or grains/legumes. I think eating mostly plants has helped a lot with my skin (plus it's a lot easier than obsessing about my insulin/blood sugar levels and/or every other micronutrient that could possibly contribute or heal my skin)


I'm pretty bad about supplements because I don't like to take a lot of them. The only supplements I take are 2 500mg Vitamin C tablets (derived from rosehips). I also drink a LOT of tea in a day (green tea, chamomile, mint, ginger, and rosehip mostly) which I kind of count as a supplement.


If I wear mineral makeup that day, I just remove it with a wash cloth and some mildly warm water.

What really helps though is dead sea mud. I got some pure AHAVA dead sea mud (any brand will work though since it is just pure mud) for Christmas, and almost every night I use it. If my skin is feeling a little sensitive or dry, I won't use it (so I probably use it between 4-6 times a week). Sometimes I will use a Mint Julep mask if I want something different. After the mask dries though, I rinse it off and go to bed. I don't put on any other creams or anything, and this has helped so so so much!

Really, now my only issue is hyperpigmentation, which I think I'm just going to add a little lavender oil to my nightly routine after the mud. I really hope that this post can help somebody else out there. Please comment if you have something to say/add/ask or if you have had good (or even bad) results doing similar things!

Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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