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Three things to try

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Okay, so on the health board you always read about a lot of weird things that people have tried and they say it clears them up, like eating nothing but cabbage or bathing your face in horse urine. That's fine, it may work for some people, but to me that's not a fun way to live my life.

That being said, I've noticed a real difference with just 3 simple things (or it may be a combination of other factors I'm unaware of, who knows):

1) Lately, I've been drinking lots of Rooibos tea. Now, before you dismiss this, 1 average sized serving has 30% of your daily Zinc, in a highly absorbable form. Zinc reduces oil production and is anti-androgenic (according to some sources).

2) I also do liver cleansing, but not nearly as intense as some people. I just drink a few teabags of a detox formula. I also take milk thistle in standardized capsules.

2) I've also been making stir fries/miso soup with lots of garlic/ginger/onions and taking vitamin E. My theory is that this could be killing bad bacteria or providing minerals that I don't normally get. Or it could be improving circulation which somehow improves skin.

In addition to this, I take B-complex and vitamin C, sometimes a multivitamin. My diet consists mostly of whole grains and vegetables. I wash my face with Pears soap. But I have been doing all this for a while, the only things I've really changed are above.

Plaquoid-mucous cleansing-type junk, liver flushing, colloidal silver, coral calcium... these are definitely NOT part of my regimen

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