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Birth Control Pills Risk, Accutane Question, Recommendations?

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Can someone please tell me... Is the risk of the development of serious side effects (blood clots, etc.) much higher for women who have been on the pill long-term, versus someone who takes it for a short amount of time??

My derm is trying to get me on Accutane, but I developed a pulmonary embolism following an orththopedic break (femur bone) 4 years ago and I have been told that I shouldn't take hormonal birth control (estrogen) such as BCP because of the risk.

I just need to take it for like 8 months, and then I would go back off of it, following the Accutane treatment...

I have already looked into other options such as the single hormone shot and non-hormone copper IUD, but I am also uncomfortable with those options.. There is just no easy way and I feel like I am backed into a corner.

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