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Accutane! Here Goes...

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Hey guys, im starting my accutane and wanted to let you guys know how it goes! Im a 15 y/o male thats 6'1 155.

I started getting Acne when i was about 12 (yes) and it has progressed since then.

Currently i have acne on my Chin, Forehead, and Back.

I am on 40mg claravis a day (the exact same thing as accutane, except just a generic brand, so don't worry) lol

Acne was getting sort of terrible for me being an athlete and such, almost always having sweat or oil on my face and it started sucking pretty quick. I finally got fed up with it and got on the tane and... I hope this will help you guys in making a decision to get on it and get a look at some of the side effects i get.

*Day 5

-lips drying out

-skin drying out a little

-dry eyes, not too bad

- starting to break out more in the areas that have acne, and even a pimple just here and there on my face

*Day 10

-noticed back pain, as if my back was really tight.

-dry lips

-dry eyes, not enough to bother me

-skin is starting to really dry out pretty bad...its about time i start moisturizing

-I have noticed that the areas that have old acne marks on my face have started to fade away, and have become smoother

#Hope i start seeing more results soon...

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Well. today pretty much sucked. i thought that the initial breakout was over, but, IT WASNT =( i hope this is the last of it as i am getting a lot of pimples on my chin/forehead and even some on my middle cheek. My hopes of being clearer after spring break before school started preetty much just went down the drain, and not listening to your doc about getting sunburnt easily doesnt help either. Here's what im getting:

-Day 15

-Bla bla dryness all the dry stuff that you get

-Back pain but not getting any worse

-Back is clearing up but i think it could also be due to the head and shoulders i use on it.

-Definetly a lot of pimples from the initial breakout. I heard it pushes all the bad stuff out first to make your skin skin mustve been pretty packed with that stuff

I also think that some of the pimples that im getting could be due to the lotion im using on it? Lubriderm extra dry skin. Idk. just a thought But anyway.. I heard that it can't really get any worse after the first month so im hoping these 15 more days go by pretty fast =DD

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tgi friday! glad im out of school because im breaking out hard-core right now!! lol. I'm on day 19 and this is sucking pretty bad.. forehead, back...chin... my jawline/cheek is even breaking out. Every time i go look in the mirror i can see that its not really doing anything except getting worse, and my only motivation is that little voice in my head, *hey man, it can only get better from here.* I hope thats true because. this really stinks. I wish there was some way i could bypass the next 2 months or so of my life but there isnt. and im depressed. Not from the tane, but the acne, obviously. Argh... I just want this to start showing improvement at even the slightest. Then i'd be happy, something to look forward to, not to dread. Hopefully these next 2 weeks or so will fly by pretty fast so i can just have some relief that my face just looks that much better than 2 weeks before. Well anyway guys. just my thoughts for this week and i hope this stuff starts improving pretty quick instead of making it worse.

**Day 19

-all the dryness, no nosebleeds. i cant remember a time that my nose has bled in my life. ever.

-Still breaking out pretty bad everywhere i have acne. Initial breakout or not, i dont care! im still breaking out pretty bad =(

-Still have the back pain, but its not really getting any worse so im getting use to it.

Ill be SURE to keep you guys updated when i start seeing the slightest improvement. until then, ill be watching fantasy factory. haha, cya guys.

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Today, I don't really know what to really say. The first 25 days or so were pretty rough, and I'm just glad i got through the initial breakout. About being confused if it was the IB or not? I could tell that it was, which isnt really a good thing lol. The IB pimples felt deeper than normal, which i guess was the accutane clearing out your pores or w/e. Its been an entire week since I last posted and it seems like that was forever ago, not much has happened, and a lot has happened at the same time. the IB is starting to fade and turn into marks, which im REALLY happy about. Even though im still getting pimples right now, i can't really expect my face to be clear in 2 weeks.

Ive been on Bactrim and minocycline before and my skin didn't really get that sensitive to the sun, but this accutane stuff is hard-core. If you don't watch out, you definetly will get burned.

**Day 26


-Back not hurting so bad

-In the areas that didnt get the IB, they're already starting to fade away. where i got the IB, it's not breaking out so bad anymore. (but its still not clear)

-Been using a combination of aquaphor, lubriderm, chapstick, etc. to keep my skin and lips from being excessively dry. You will definetly need to use chapstick or aquaphor on your lips on accutane.

-I think its all downhill from now on. Can't wait to see what happens from here. oh and btw go KENTUCKY WILDCATS!!

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