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Adding Images To Post

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Whatever pic i choose to upload is either too large, and when i make it small it looses the pixel, which is no point in me posting in when you guys cant see nothing. Any ideas?

This is what it says: Used 14.49MB of your 14.65MB global upload quota (Max. single file size: 157.28K)

Thanks :) x

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Hello, It looks like you upload the same images (max resolution, without optimization) three times and reached the limit.

The best way to use your pictures multiple times is the next:

1) Create an album in our Gallery.

2) Optimize and crop your photos before uploading.

  • Try uploading the photos at a maximum size of 1000x1000 pixels and resolution 72 dpi if possible.

  • Use "Save as for Web" option in the graphic software you use or

  • Use intuitive online service webresizer

    3) Upload your photos in your gallery and reuse them in your posts:

    • Right-click on your photo in the Gallery and choose "Copy image URL"

    • Click on the image icon in the forum thread and paste the URL in the field.

    To delete your duplicated content use navigation in your profile.

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