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Something My Derm. Told Me After I Finish Accutane.

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So, I went to my derm's office and she told me that I have officially finish accutane. I asked her if I now need to use a different face washer and lotion. She said "No" (I'm using Spectro Jel blemish prone skin washer and Spectro hydrocare blemish prone) and she also said that most people found that using the face washer is moisturizing enough. I decided to try it. This morning, I was late for my piano lesson and I only used the face washer and for the whole day, my face was barely oily. But when I put the moisturizer on (yesterday), by 5 PM, it's oilier than when I didn't put moisturizer on.

So which one is better?

1. Wash face then moisturize


2. Just wash face

Thanks for answering!

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u need SPF to protect from sun.

Fact: 70% of aging is caused by the sun

Claravis 40mg started 10/12/11

Stopped on 11/10/11 because of Liver Functioning and High Cholesterol.

Recontinued 3/16/12 - Finished 8/25/12

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Im not from US, but most people use cetaphil sensitive skin cleanse or something like that, you dont need to use a face wash which is specifically for oily skin, a gentle cleanser instead

My log might be helpful for you,check it out!! tongue.png

-I controlled my acne after cutting off whey protein, after 4 months it came back.

-Then i tried an strict paleo diet, it worked. But the ocassional few pimples didnt let my PIH fade

-I wasnt happy with my routine, coudnt drink with my friends, eat different food and the worst: i was loosing confidence

-When my PIH was fading, i broke out, because i tried vitamin C to end with the ocassional pimples, which might cause stomach irritation=break out

- I wasnt happy because of my diet, just broke out, and i started accutane asap.

- Currently, im taking accutane even thought my acne is mild, but with persistant PIH, just few weeks left, no more pimples anymore.

"If i had a wish, i woudnt ask for flawless skin, I'd ask for the maxium of confidence"

Poeple think they are going to be happy and confident if they get rid of their acne...well..they are totally wrong

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