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Help! Should I Start Accutane ?

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hello, i am 18 yr old male and i have mild acne...

i have mild acne. only in the forehead and little ones beside the eyebrows.

even though it is mild i don't like it and want to get rid of it.

should i start accutane or is there a better treatment method for me?

i've tried a few over the counter products and know to cleanse exfoliate and moisturize...

btw. does anyone live in toronto or in Canada?

In toronto, can you get accutane by going straight to a term or do you have to do it thru your family doctor/GP?


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You should try other things first. Go to a dermatologist and they will probably prescribe a topical gel like Differin, etc. The prescription gels are a lot better than over the counter.

I did some research, and I think you have to go to a dermatologist to get it in Canada. Since your acne is mild, the side effects of Accutane will be a lot worse than the original problem.

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