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Tretinoin Long Term Use

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Hi all,

I've been a lurker here for a while now and had a couple of questions for anyone familiar with Tretinoin or other Retinoids. I developed bad acne around 5 years ago. After trying nearly everything, I started using Ziana 4 years ago and switched to .05% about a year ago. Since starting, my skin has gotten a lot better with the occaisonal large cyst. The main reason for this post is because I am wondering if long term use of this will damage my skin. I do use a moisturizer, but have yet to find a good sunscreen that doesn't make me oily and or break out (if anyone can recommend a good brand it'd be awesome smile.png ). Another thing, I've been using about two pea sized amounts nightly because my skin doesn't get irritated and a pea size doesn't stretch.

tl;dr: Been using retinoids for about 4 years, will it ruin my skin long term? Should I cut back? Sunscreen recommendations?

Thank you!

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