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Aczone For Razor Bumps?

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So I just got back from the derm, and haven't been in a while. Because I am acne free! I went for some warts, but right as I was leaving, I asked a quick question about razor bumps (They are specialized in skin and all). So she prescribes me Aczone... which was my first acne medication?

Aren't razor bumps and acne different? I mean I know what acne is because I've had it before, and I do believe these are razor bumps because they appear only in the area I am shaving in. I asked if I should only apply it to the spots where I get the bumps, and she told me the whole face, and the directions say whole face in the morning.

What more is that this cost $39 after the copay! I thought that was unbelievable for me just wanting to treat razor bumps.

So has anyone heard that Aczone or acne medicine for that matter can actually help razor bumps?


Oops, should this be moved to the shaving section?

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