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Emma Pink

Does This Look/sound Like Seborrheic Dermatitis?(Pics)

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I'm going crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with my skin. I've had mild acne for years, but these symptoms only started in the last two years.



Blah, phone pictures sorry.

My skin has many tiny raised (non-blackhead, even tho I do have a good amount of those) bumps. They're not pimples, I can't pop them.

My skin does not flake, instead I get a build up on the top layer. My skin feels so tight and I'm aware of every little movement my face makes.Especially, my forehead. I get tiny wrinkles all over it. After I wash and dry my face (no oil on it) my forehead, it is shinny. Like I buffed and waxed it. It's hard to explain... Remember in school when you'd smear the craft glue on your hand and let it dry? It's kinda like that.

And I can do this, I can take a piece of scotch tape put it on my forehead (I know, bad) and pull off a layer/sheet of skin. And it doesn't hurt! And it doesn't make the skin raw! In fact it makes things better, but alas symptoms are back in the morning.

On the other hand my scalp is flaky, it starts to hurt and get very sore if I go more then a day without washing it. And I'm losing more hair these days confused.gif

I went to the dermatologist a few weeks ago and she gave me Elidel cream and told me to use CeraVe foaming face wash and moisturizer cream. She said I had irritation and "background redness". And they've been working well-ish. My skin is much less red and a little less bumpy. I'm going to go back and see her again sometime next week.

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Hyperkeratinization, and tough skin = you need AHA and Keratolytics.

Check sig. Use H&S and nizoral as cleanser for small bumps. Use Retin A and Mandelic Acid to fix skin texture.

I never considered that, I've always had light keratosis pilaris on my upper arms, so it would make sense.

Thanks for info :)

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