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Treatment For Red Marks Reacting With Current Treatment For Acne? [[Pics]]

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Hi everyone! Right now I'm a 22 y/o female dealing with hormonal/adult acne. My acne has slowed considerably, especially in the past 2 weeks or so, after I went to my derm and got some prescriptions.

Right now I am on:

- cyclimycin (lotion/clear gel thing)

- trentinoin (yellowish lotion)

- doxycylinine (pills 2x a day)

- rezamid (dabbing it just on any acne that comes up/nose to get rid of blackheads)

Since I'm between hormonal changes (aka periods), my skin is pretty clear right now - just one very very small zit that is about to finish healing on my lower L cheek. the problem is, my skin still looks like I'm in the middle of a breakout because of all the scarring!! Here are some pics:



The black circle in the last image is the only actual acne I have on my face right now.

My question is: what products can I/should I use, given what products I'm using to control acne right now? When and how often should I use them? Or should I wait until my derm takes me off all preventative meds before I bother with getting rid of the redness?

None of my blemishes are raised or indented. They are just marks T___T

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