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Epsom Salt And Sea Salt

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Just wanted to share with everyone something that has been working wonders for me the past week. We all know that consuming sea salt over table salt is much healthier and a way to get essential minerals. Epsom salt is really great for drawing toxins out of the body when put in baths and can be used internally in small amounts as a laxative and for magnesium.

I had a really terrible breakout from trying some decaf coffee last week and was desperate to clear it up somewhat. After taking a bath in Epsom salt and sea salt I washed my face in the water and went to bed. When I woke up the next morning my breakout was significantly reduced! I've always used sea salt and hot water held on a pimple to make it come to a head faster, but this was different. It faded red marks, made my skin soft and all of the pimples looked much smaller. For the past week I have been using sea salt and Epsom salt mixed together with water as a toner by leaving it on for 15 mins and then washing it off. Then I spot treat with the same mixture, apply a heavy duty moisturizer (because salts dry out the skin - I've been using hazelnut oil) and go to bed. This has cleared my breakout so much faster and my skin is looking much, much clearer! Bathing in this mixture would also be great for body acne and it is incredibly relaxing and soothing. I use coconut oil for a body moisturizer afterward. Salts are really a miracle, just don't use table salt, whatever you do! Let me know if this works for anyone else. :)

Love and accept yourself for exactly who you are right now.

25, female, moderate acne since age 12.

Accutane at least 6 times.
Intolerances: corn & wheat & alcohol.

100% clear, if I follow the diet.

"the absence of flaw within beauty, is itself a flaw."

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Yeah, epsom salt is rad.

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Instead of looking for the right person, become the right person.

If you treat your self/symptom with a lot more compassion, you'll find your skin heals much faster when it's not constantly in store for a thrashin'. Rather than blasting the sound of what you're currently treating your face with, the case may be you just need to change the station and re-evaluate you and your skin's relationship . It's easier than you think to relate with, because much like mainstream radio emotions always make for underrated yet relevant statements.

My website is in progress and will probably benefit you in some way.

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