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Accutane 5 Months - Cystic Body Acne Has Mutated, Cysts That Refill Within A Few Hours...

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Hi, this is my first time posting on this site, or any other like it. I am hoping to find someone who has had or currently has a similar type of cystic acne to me.


I have searched the forums and looked at many pictures and cant find anyone with the exact type i have.

Anyway, i have had cystic acne for about 6 years, always been pretty bad but recently it became even more severe.

i am 22, 6ft tall 70kg and i am taking 80mg per day.

i was on 40 mg for 2 months and have been on 80mg for the last 3 months.

My acne is only on my body, i do get the occasional cyst on my face or pimple, but nothing bad. It was always bad on my upper back on shoulders, with a few cysts on my lower back, and very occasionally one or 2 on my chest.

Since just before the accutane it started getting slightly worse on my chest and a lot worse on my lower back. Now after 5 months, it has been getting progressively worse, particularly on my chest.

Example of the type : Th ones on my chest were forming in a couple of days, about the size of a penny, filled with yellow sticky liquid, sometimes mixed with blood. They would get knocked and spread, then after a few days they would start leaking.. with the absoloute slightest of pressure the liquid ( lots of it ) would drain out... i have had the same one there for 5 months now, it refills every few hours, and a few more have been there a couple of months, some go and some new ones come.

Nearly all of the cysts i get on my back are giant puss filled ones, i dont have lots of little/medium ones like i often see, i just have about 20 massive ones that come and go in the same place.

My lips have been dry and my face sometimes, but the thing is i have never had a problem with oily skin ever in my life.

I just want to know if anyone else had this type of acne and what happened with accutane, also when these cysts form and fill with liquid, should i drain them or leave them, they will burst on there own anyway, so i always thought its better to drain them and clean them when i can? Would they disapear if i could protect them from opening?

Also.. is it right that everytime i have been to the dermatologist ( nhs ) it has been a different person? They havent taken any pictures of my body and they just keep telling me to keep taking the isotretinoin. I feel very neglected by them.

There is probabrly stuff ive missed so if you need more info please ask me. Any and all responses will be greately appreciated.

Thankyou very much everyone for reading that long post!

Just to add, actually most of the ones on my lower back are big hard ones, some turn into liquid, some stay hard . but they are constistently big!

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Sorry to hear your story, the great news is that you have come to the right place for help and support

I have had experience similar to yours though I had significicant acne on my face as well. One question have you investigated Acne Mechanica?

Acne mechanica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I found that once I stopped carrying any sort of back pack, I used to carry a heavy laptop and work pack along with a sports bag daily, my acne, especially the large cysts and nodules reduced on my back, shoulders and chest signifincatly, that coupled with giving up diary helped reduce my overall acne by 95% at no cost and little incovience,

Best of luck from a long suffering Leeds supporter

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Thanks for tking the time to read my very long post and reply. I have checked that out and i don't really do anything what i think would cause that.

However, what you say about the dairy is interesting, i am sure i get breakouts after eating cheasy pizza's or drinking a lot of milk... i asked my derm has any affect at all and they said it DEFINATELY does not, but i doubted that. Now after reading what you said, i will try quitting dairy and see if it has any effect.

Thanks again... hopefully this year Leeds will go up and my acne will go down!

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