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Quadralase Co2 Fractional Laser

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Hi, I have been suffering from acne ever since I was a child. I am now 24 and I still have occasional breakouts. I was put on monocyclines, doxycyclines and topical creams like duac, ziana, tazorac and finacea. During my college years I was put on accutane twice and my skin has significantly improved but I do still get occasional cystic acne breakouts. Anyway, I decided this is the best my skin has been and wanted to work on getting rid of my scars. I visited a new dermatologist and she recommended me to use a laser treatment to treat my scars. She wants to use a CO2 fractional laser on my skin and is charging $4500 to get the procedure done.

Yikes it's expensive but I don't mind spending the money, I just wanted to know what kind of results will I expect. Her response and most dermatologist response on acne scars sounded hopeless. My old dermatologist said some of my scars are really bad that it will never heal. My new dermatologist said that since I am still young my scars will heal more than 50%. Basically she couldn't give me a straight answer on how my scars will heal but I guess that's probably the best response I will get from her. Right now I do have pock marks and crater scars on my cheeks. I also have a lot of redness from past cystic acne scars.

My question: Anyone who has done this procedure will the redness go away once my skin starts healing after the laser? I know my skin won't heal 100% but is this procedure worth it to help reduce the appearance of deep scars? Thanks.

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