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Advice On Worse Now Then Before, Chest & Back Acne

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So about 3 weeks ago I bought the kit for back acne off here. My face is pretty much fine nowadays, used to be bad in highs chool but haven't had issues to bad anymore. Back & Chest is where it's been so annoying and hard to clear up. Summer time it clears up alot because I'm outside in the sun often but winter it gets pretty rough, I would say a mild - severe case. I started using this twice a day covering my whole chest and shoulders where the break outs are occurring going on 3 weeks come this wed.

Issue is, before I started I was using neutrogena's body spray in the 8oz tubes, which has sal. acid in and that seemed to be controlling it pretty good. Only issue was I needed to use alot of it and would go through a $10 8oz bottle in a week, so I began to look for something I can just put on in the morning and at night that would give me the same effects but last much longer. Which is why I gave this a try. I am used to BP and I am aware it usually takes a bit to purge everything and start clearing up but I am curious if this sounds right for everyone before I buy another set come probably the end of March sometime.

Before I started using it was mildish but controlled mostly, still needed to def be cleared up much more though. Since I've been using this I have broken out MUCH worse then I was before, as to be expected.. But, the thing I am curious about is how long does this usually stay bad for? It seems like it broke out worse, and just continues to stay bad now? I was figuring by the end of this week or next I should start seeing less breakouts and a beginning to getting better instead of worse. Basically I'm just hoping this starts getting better before I run out in March, which would help me decide if I should spend another $70 on everything or not. I was trying this because I want to clear up for summer time, come May/June ish so I figured I would start early now and easily be set for when that time comes.

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