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What Kinds Of Things Cause Scars To Get Red / Aggravated?

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I am quite sure that sweat is one issue, but there are other times when my scars swell and there doesn't seem to be a reason. I have been speculating in the past few months that if I have a new pimple then whatever process is taking place in that area of skin might cause nearby scars from old pimples to become aggravated and red. Does that sound plausible?

I don't think my scars are bad in comparison to others I have seen. I can't seem to identify what type of scars they are from the examples given in the sticky thread in this forum or from Google. They just look like new pimples / papules when they decide to swell. So even when I have a few days of clear skin the scars can make me look like I have pimples anyway.

Oh, and it is probably obvious, but I find even warm water on my face might be something that also causes scars to flare up. I am starting to dread the idea of summer now, just in case it has the same effect.

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