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Will What I Ate Today Make Me Break Out Get Any Spots ?

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Everyday all i think about is my skin what i eat what i use what i do . Its terrible .

This is what i ate today

Breakfast : 2 weetabix with hot milk and 3 cereal biscuits

Snack: Apple 2 rice cakes with chocolate mixed nuts half a garnola bar

Lunch : Pitta with salad and ham and elevenses choc chip snack bar

Dinner: Pasta and chicken

I only drink water

Someone give me answers

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Instead of looking for the right person, become the right person.

If you treat your self/symptom with a lot more compassion, you'll find your skin heals much faster when it's not constantly in store for a thrashin'. Rather than blasting the sound of what you're currently treating your face with, the case may be you just need to change the station and re-evaluate you and your skin's relationship . It's easier than you think to relate with, because much like mainstream radio emotions always make for underrated yet relevant statements.

My website is in progress and will probably benefit you in some way.

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I believe a healthy diet has many benefits to you besides the positives of great looking skin. I am not a huge proponent of what you eat having a direct affect on your acne, but essentially there is NO down side to eating healthy. Do I believe it will help you clear up No? But overall you are going to be a healthier person. Just my opinion

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I've lost my soul - No happiness


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You call my name --- I try to run

I've lost my soul --- no happiness


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I disagree with ^ ^ ^ ^

I cleared by skin completely cutting out dairy and gluten, along with a bunch of other foods I tested sensitive to. Once I tried to reintroduce those foods, my acne came roaring back.

That said, you are eating a lot of gluten and some dairy in one day. Everyone is different, but it could definitely be contributing to a breakout.

90% clear from IgG allergy-free diet (need a personal blood test) which resulted in becoming vegan and gluten-free.

My routine:

Think BCP "regulate" your cycle? It could be making things worse!


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